Saudi Arabia WAR THREAT: Oil tankers BOMBED – Saudis BAN exports through Red Sea straits

IRAN-BACKED Yemeni rebels aligned have launched an attack on two oil tankers passing through the strategically important Red Sea shipping lane of Bab al-Mandeb ...[Read More]

The 7 reasons behind U.S. oil’s sharpest daily point drop in almost 3 years

The biggest weekly drop in U.S. crude supplies couldn’t halt the drop in oil prices Wednesday as traders chose to focus on expectations for higher global output...[Read More]

This Is How Much U.S. Households Lose As Gas Prices Rise

U.S. households are feeling the pinch and are expected to have around 0 less disposable income as higher gasoline prices are offsetting part of the tax cuts fro...[Read More]

Oil hits $75 for first time since 2014 on supply outages in Libya and Canada

Oil prices rose on Tuesday after Libya declared force majeure on some of its crude exports, while the loss of Canadian supplies helped lifted U.S. crude to leve...[Read More]

Oil surges 3.6%, settling at $70.53, after US says crude buyers must cut Iran imports to zero

Crude prices surged by more than 3 percent on Tuesday after the U.S. State Department said it will require companies to cut all oil imports from Iran to zero by...[Read More]

Oil and gas industry is coming for Colorado’s sand dunes

Alana Miller writes that the Great Sand Dunes, a national treasure, may be compromised if the Trump administration goes forth with a plan to allow oil and gas d...[Read More]

E&P Salary Report Matches Growing Stability In Industry

The oil and gas industry is making a strong recovery from the downturn and an indication of the bounce back is the uptick in salaries, according to CSI Recruiti...[Read More]

Here’s what could happen to oil if everyone’s OPEC expectations are wrong

June has been a crazy month for market-moving global events, and the tail end of this week is shaping up the same way, if OPEC succeeds in shaking up the status...[Read More]

Oil and gas workers still mainly old white males despite diversity gains: study

A new study shows that Canada’s energy sector workforce became larger and more diverse from 2006 to 2016, but remains predominantly the domain of older, w...[Read More]

Energy camp fuels interest in oil and gas industry

For the fourth year high schoolers from the area have gained knowledge on the inner workings of the oil and gas industry at the Shell Energy Venture Production ...[Read More]

Petrofac boss says digital revolution can bring ‘whole world’ of oil jobs – News for the Oil and Gas Sector

Petrofac’s John Pearson believes the digital transition can better the life of those working in oil and gas by offering “a whole world” of new jobs. Speaking at...[Read More]

What Happened To The IPO Market For Oil And Gas Independents?

The IPO market for oil and gas independents has evaporated, as the cost of replacing assets – including leaseholds, reserves and drilling inventory – exceeds th...[Read More]

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