How Does Oilconvo Work?

Oilconvo quite simply is a professional social network for the oil and gas industry. Think of it as a cocktail party, where everyone at the party is in the industry. This allows for better, deeper and more relevant conversation.

Network and connect with friends colleagues and other oil and gas folks. Oilconvo encourages everyone to comment, like and share their thoughts.


First Step

Create a profile and join the convo



Second Step

Invite your friends to your network, or make new ones already on the site.


Third Step

Comment, like and discuss.


Fourth Step

Once you feel up to it, start the convo with a question, or post.


What Can

You Do?

Connect With Friends

Share links, comments, and status updates with your friends

Share Your Thoughts

We’re about sharing thoughts, so comment from almost anywhere

Like Articles, Comments + More

Like comments, posts and more, or recommend articles to your network


Create a profile and keep your anonymity, or build your personal brand


Interested in an article, but short on time… Bookmark it for later

@ Mention Friends

From the main feed you can @mention any of your friends using their username

Share Articles, Images & Links

Share articles, links and images with your network or friends

Message Center

Keep track of messages, invites and more in the message center

Q&A Forum

Got a question, or want to share your knowledge and earn some cred- we got you covered

What we really do

We are building a community of like minded professionals, fans and advocates of the oil and gas industry.

This community is focused on sharing ideas and having real conversations about what’s happening in the industry as a whole.

At the end of the day, the community will be shaped by you, the members.

Join the Convo

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