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New warnings on liquified natural gas infrastructure

A company planning to export liquefied natural gas from the Gulf Coast will warn lawmakers this morning that surging U.S. gas production could become “stranded” absent bigger investment in pipeline and LNG infrastructure. On the record: In testimony prepared for a House Natural Resources Committee hearing today on the geopolitics of LNG, Tellurian president Meg Gentle says the government plays a key role in both laying the infrastructure groundwork for exports and offering a supportive and efficient regulatory environment…

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  1. This tipping from LGN global over-supply to under-supply in the early 2020’s is something I have commented about ad nauseum since 2015. I’m looking forward to it, actually. Specifically, I have called out the time frame around 2022 or so for the scale to tip back to under-supply.

    By the time that oil prices weaken by the end of this decade, the price of LNG should be going up.

    “Shell’s global warning: In a report yesterday, Shell points out that final investment commitments in LNG projects worldwide have stalled since 2015. And, this creates the risk of a supply-demand gap opening in the mid-2020s.”

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