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China’s list of tariffs takes aim at US chemicals and plastics sectors

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  1. Trump has started a war he cannot win. The American people will be the losers when they have to pay more for their goods.

    • Mike,
      In my opinion, the US and China have been in a trade war for decades. China has been ‘dumping’ their goods into the US market and have been stealing global intellectual property for years. They have done anything they want to keep driving their economy.
      As the US is still the largest single market (not trading block), it would be detrimental for the Chinese economy to bar themselves from his market.

  2. Hi Doug, supply and demand. The US wanted cheaper goods than the high price “made in America” just like any other country and China supplied them.

    A lot of countries have a transfer of knowledge. You set up your factory and do business in my country but you transfer the technology in a 5 / 10 year period.
    Not just China but no country would standby and do nothing if another country was to slap tariffs on its goods.
    China is a massive importer, Trump will never win this War that he has started.

    • Mike,
      The ‘war’ started long before Trump was in office.

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